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Why Bush Really Went To Africa

Brain hardwired to underestimate own strength

and why you can't tickle yourself

What Do Women Really Want in Bed

Water-cooling module for notebook PCs employs a piezoelectric pump

Slot Machines Fixed So You Can't Win

The Mini-Cooper was cool until it got noticed

Even genocidal litigation can't stop file sharers

Sit back and drink a beer at an adult friendly theater, no kids allowed

The smallest notebook in the world

  • Official site for the Sony Vaio Subnotebook PCG-U101

  • Put On the Sunblock, Jim. These Ten Songs Can Cause Sunburn.

    A pharmaceutical companies wet dream, prescribing drugs to healthy people

    Once-a-day pill 'cuts heart attacks by 80%"

    Double-action Axe: Now you can be piggish and effeminate!

    Airport Screeners May Get X-ray Vision

    XM Satellite Radio Continues To Kick Major Serious Ass!

    How Netflix Is Fixing Hollywood

    By finding a market niche titles -- and keeping discs in constant circulation -- the online DVD rental pioneer is shaking the movie biz

    Metal Storm

    One million rounds per minute

    Flipping the Switch
    Linux's new popularity may hurt Apple more than Microsoft

    Quarterlife Crisis

    Star Trek Apartment

    Finally a Public Resting Place for History's Motherboards

    Geniuses, Criminals Do Best Work In their 30's

    New MRAM, magnetoresistive random access memory to replace current RAM, 6 times faster and doesn't lose data when the power goes out

    Gangsta Gold, the source for all your gangsta jewelry

    Bachelor party travel package to Prague, complete with pub crawls, strip clubs, bowling and pistol range

    Spray On Stockings Enthrall Japan

    The Japanese Are Having a Hard time Convincing Me They Are Not Crazy

    Top Ten Hip-Hop Books

    How to not get caught downloading music

    Download Kazaa Lite 2.1.0 Delete your old Kazaa through add/remove. After installing, go to Options-More Options and check prevent other users from getting a list of all your files. You will still be able to share your files, but people can't see an entire list of the files you are sharing!

    Hip-Hop Summer Camp

    Do a favor for your underage girlfriend and get her a fake ID

    Online Phony ID's

    Phage Therapy

    Bacteria Assassins

    Lifestyle Marketing

    You Are Where You Live

    MBs - The Designing Process

    Opposites Don't Attract

    Extreme weather prompts unprecedented global warming alert

    Why We Fight Over Directions
    His way, her way -- which is better?

    How To Make a Hello Kitty Laptop

    Nintendo Wins Intellectual Property Case Against Chinese Pirates


    Japanese Invent Self-Cooling Keg

    Wideview PC

    Once again, we must ask ourselves if the Japanese are crazy:

    New game show "Pick the Virgin, Watch the Night She Loses Her Virginity", and more...

    a must see

    Domo-origato, Mr. Roboto

    Waitresses who copy their customers' behavior get substantially bigger tips than those who don't

    Upgrade To Peltier Cooling

    No one is surprised that the worlds fastest zero emission electric limousine isn't selling

    'cause it looks ridiculous

    new Japanese video game "Chu-lip" helps you to become the town man-whore

    One-way bullet resistant glass, let's you shoot back through the glass

    Art Students Doomed For Misery and Angst

    How To Know a Woman Wants You

    Why PowerPoint Sucks

    The numbing of the American mind: culture as anesthetic

    Slideshow: Urban scavenger with an eye for design

    How To Speed Up Your RAM

    Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box

    hacking explained

    Get A Sterling Engine, you know you want one

    Deathmatch, Julia Roberts Style

    "Using Prayer to Microevolve Latent Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria"

    Only at the Creationism Science Fair

    Best City For Singles

    The Un-Doom Boom

    Casual Gaming a different sort of video game

    Web Server Setup Guide

    Netflix Issued Patent On Subscription Rental Service

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