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Why the U.S. needs more nuclear power

  • Via Arts & Letters Daily

  • See also: Alaska village moves from diesel to micro-nuke
  • Via Gizmodo

  • Project ALU

    How to build a custom all aluminum HTPC case

    Toward a unified theory of Black America

    Malpractice mess

    Do the Swedes have a faultless fix?

    Best video card for the money: ATI Radeon x800 XL for $269 plus shipping

    $299 + coupon code 4242 or 1010 (-10%) = $269

  • Via [H]OCP

  • Everything you know about genetics is wrong

    Plants rewrite their own DNA, it's a wild and crazy RNA world after all

  • Via Boing Boing

  • Trying to Get Buses to Crawl a Little Faster

    City planners struggle desperately to get buses to go as fast as people can walk

    Obvious solutions, such as building a subway, rejected for being so 20th century

    The Underground History of American Education

    "If I demanded you give up your television to an anonymous, itinerant repairman who needed work you’d think I was crazy; if I came with a policeman who forced you to pay that repairman even after he broke your set, you would be outraged. Why are you so docile when you give up your child to a government agent called a schoolteacher?"

  • Via Metafilter

  • The Murakami method
    and otaku culture

  • Murakami slide show

  • Spectrum Wars

    Why we still don't have HDTV

    "Broadcasters would sooner eat their children then give up this spectrum"

    #1 DVD Ripper

    Don't let your forgetful friends borrow your expensive collector's edition DVDs, make a copy and let them keep it

    Buy it now before it gets raped by the lawyers at the MPAA

  • See also: Maximum PC reviews #1 DVD Ripper

  • Mr. Ozwald

    "The ladies love Mr. Ozwald"

    Philips DVD727 Progressive-Scan DVD Player

    Hacker friendly DVD player for whatever you download with Bit Torrent or rip with #1 DVD Ripper

    Antec NeoPower modular 480 watt PSU

    Winner of Maximum PCs kick ass power supply award

    See also:
  • Takaman's Power Supply Calculator
  • Before Making a thread about a PSU: Guide to power supply buying

  • Chirac with MJ back in the 80's

    "Chirac and Schröder are running nations that, if they were American sitcoms, would be canceled and sold to European TV networks where they’d run forever, dubbed and dumber."

  • Via Fark

  • In the face of terrorism you need COX-2 inhibitors

    "An Army physician argued yesterday that some popular pain relievers 'are essential to the global war on terrorism' and should be kept on the market despite their potentially dangerous side effects. "

  • Via Pharma Watch

  • Britain has emerged as the world's biggest market for downloading pirated TV

    Excite by RHIX

  • Via Tokyoflash

  • Hack A Day

    Do-it-yourself hardware hacking

    Mini-House Style

    AudioTech Probe electronic stethoscope

    You didn't know that you needed it till you saw it

    Julien's Originals

    Collection of Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Disco samples

  • Via Screenhead

  • Project Porn Happy

    Susannah Breslin's new project


  • Via Boing Boing

  • Unconstitutional: The war on our civil liberties

    Be afraid. Very afraid.


    Buy this bed and you are guaranteed to get laid

    ASUS VENTO 3600

    New Asus case kicks ass

  • Via [H]OCP Forum

  • Game

    Everything you wanted to know about game theory

  • Via MeFi

  • Sportcycle

    What to do with half of a motorcycle

  • Via Jalopnik

  • The practice and prevalence of dry sex among men and women in South Africa: a risk factor for sexually transmitted infections?

    Why there is no hope of saving Africa from AIDS

  • Via Metafilter

  • The Year in Ideas: A to Z

    Where d'you get those peepers?

    Contrary to idiotic religious retards, evolution is real

  • Via Metafilter

  • AMD Emma PIC

    "The device is the foundation of a new program to sell more processors... er... bring the benefits of the Internet to the developing world. "

  • Via MeFi

  • Underwear Goes Inside Your Pants

  • Via Metafilter

  • Tech Bootlegging

    The Boston Globe discovers case modding

    Drive to be the coolest puts PCs on cutting edge

  • See also: The Best Case Scenario

  • Fuck the South. Fuck 'em.

  • Via MeFi

  • Drug Testing FAQ

    Everything you wanted to know about how to pass drug tests

  • Via Metafilter

  • Garage Life

    "A terrifically obsessive magazine about individuals insanely maniacal about garages"

  • See also: Hoopty Rides

  • If Congressmen were corporate executives they would be arrested for accounting fraud

  • Via Fark

  • D-Snap SV-MP730V

    New D-Snap MP3 player roundup

  • Via Gizmodo

  • Crazy Rich

    Are Americans successful because they're nuts?

  • See also: Born Losers: A history of failure in America
  • Via Arts & Letters Daily

  • I want my P2P

    Creative Labs owes you $62

    Little known law suits of our time

  • Via Engadget

  • GameXP

    Free software, optimize your computer for speed

    Grenade Bot

    Imagine a dozen of these bots charging at you while they play the sounds of a rabbit being slaughtered at top volume

  • Via Gizmodo

  • Drug makers race to cash in on nation's fight against fat

    50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers

  • Via Metafilter

  • New Logitech MX518

    "Like a short throw sport shifter for your computer... not for n00bs"

  • Via Gizmodo

  • See also: Best mouse pad ever, XTrac Zoom HS optical mouse pad

  • What have the Americans ever done for us

  • Via Arts & Letters Daily

  • Woot!

    You know you're addicted to Woot when you look forward to getting a Bag of Crap

    See also:
  • Steep and Cheap
  • Daily Deal
  • Deals From a Bargain Bin, One at a Time

  • D-Link Gaming Router

    You no longer have to choose between downloading the latest pirated movies or playing your favorite pirated on-line video games

    White Dunk: Evolution of an icon

    Turns out Nike commissioned art is much cooler than actual Nike sneakers

  • Via db-db

  • Dressing up as a fury ninja badger: kind of strange but legal

    Taking a picture of the Eiffel tower at night: totally illegal

  • More fury ninja badger Eiffel tower pics

  • Via Metafilter

  • Design Barcode

    Functional art barcodes

  • Via Gizmodo

  • Get your free copy of 64bit Windows XP Pro

  • Via [H]OCP

  • A scooter that isn't as gay as a Vespa

  • Via Cool Hunting

  • Open-Source biology evolves

    Charge 2 Go

    Rescue your cell phone when it gives out at the wrong time

  • Via NYTimes

  • Make

    Magazine for technology projects

  • Via /.

  • Exploding the Self-Esteem Myth

    There is no correlation between high-self esteem and doing well in school (or doing anything well for that matter)

  • Via SciTech Daily

  • Death and Taxes

    Where exactly does your tax money go?

    Turns out we are all employees of Haliburton

  • Via Deviant Art

  • Exeem successor to Suprnova

    Bittorent will be unstoppable

  • Download Exeem here

  • Beyond TV 3.5.1

    New release, turns your tired old PC into a kick ass Home Theater PC

    Under One Roof, Aging Together Yet Alone

    Assisted living is just like high school... but worse

    Zalman VF700-Cu GPU Cooler

    Your whiny high-pitched graphics card wants a Zalman

    Not a Happy Space Camper

  • Via Blacktable

  • The Taguchi Method

    A better way to design

  • Via The Best Critical Thought on the Web

  • How to use a hand puppet to meet, attract, and date tons of single women

  • Via Monkey Filter

  • The Urban Archipelago

    "Liberals, progressives, and Democrats do not live in a country that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico. We live on a chain of islands. We are citizens of the Urban Archipelago, the United Cities of America."

  • Via Monkey Filter

  • From cells to bells, 10 things the Chinese do far better than we do

    Link has been fixed
  • Via Boing Boing

  • Frontline: The Persuaders

    The methods of marketers and advertisers to fuck with your head

  • Via Agenda

  • 2004 Motor Trend International Design Contest

  • Via Jalopnik

  • Samurai Champloo

    Break-dancing Samurai anime now on DVD

    "A time for honor, a time for courage, a time for hip-hop"

  • Via Cool Hunting

  • Hunter Thompson was killed to keep him from uncovering the World Trade Center conspiracy

  • Via Monkey Filter

  • The inner workings of a hard drive

  • Via Gizmodo

  • See also: How motherboards are made: a Gigabyte factory tour
  • Via Metafilter

  • Heavy metal umulat

    Chauchat: the worst machine gun ever invented


  • Unusual articles from Wikipedia
  • Via Metafilter

  • See Also:
  • Galambosianism
  • Sterile atomic fly

  • Wallpaper Navigator issue 3

  • Via Cool Hunting

  • Sony MDR-NC11A

    Noise canceling ear buds, headphones, earphones, whatever

    They Are Made of Meat
    By Terry Bison

    1991 Nebula nominee

  • Via Grow-A-Brain

  • Physics Today Google ad

    If you can solve this problem you may be an expert in pattern recognition or a valet;
    either way, Google needs you

  • Via Grow-A-Brain

  • Boy problems

    Once again, boys are getting their asses kicked in school by girls

    Ain't nobody's business if you don't

    Highly vocal religious idiots, unclear of the meaning of separation of church and state, are screwing it up for the rest of us

    Onkyo CB-SP1200

    Your next TV stand is now available

  • Via Engadget

  • Get ready to hate the new Saab SUV

    "A Chevy Trailblazer dressed up to look Swedish"


    Cool spherical free standing kitchen thing that you want

    The Next Digital Divide

    Biopolitics and the growing divide between the techno-savvy and the losers who don't understand much of anything and mostly just get in your way

  • Via SciTechDaily

  • Tokyo Damage Report travel guide

    Guide to Tokyo's underground scene

  • Via Boing Boing
  • Via Tokyo Damage Report

  • G4 1939 Mercedes Benz

    No expense spared in making sure cool old Mercedes Benz is preserved for future dictators

    The Vice Guide to Picking up Chicks

    Special pull-out section

  • Via Vice Land

  • Playing with your keychain just got so much better

  • Via Kotaku

  • Boombastic Radio

    Your new favorite online radio station

    Concrete TV

    Unlike anything you've ever seen

    Preview of upcoming events: The United States is going to invade Iran

    France, Germany, and Britain are racing against time to hold the U.S. back

  • Via Metafilter

  • Oughtta stay out of pictures

    Why video games shouldn't be like the movies

    1956 TP21 Sugga

    Most kick ass old car, perfect for roadtrips

  • Via Jalopnik

  • Booq molded ballistic nylon laptop sleeve

  • Via MoCoLoco

  • KnoppMyth

    Easiest, simplest way to get MythTV up and running ever

    Most American students suck at math

    But most Americans will never need to use any algebra anyway

    The acceptable knock-0ff

    A Trial of Two Installs

    Knoppix v. WinXP


    50% of mouth breathing losers will make 98% of you sick
    (half way down the article)

    Could a Spray Stop the Spread of Flu, TB, SARS?

  • Via Drudge Report

  • Virtual Wingman

  • Via MeFi

  • LinVDR

    Linux HTPC specific distro

  • Via /.

  • Pure TnA

    One porn bit torrent tracker to rule them all


  • Via Elite Torrents forum

  • Aspirin

    Wonder drugs don't come easy

  • Via Scitech Daily

  • Santa Ifigênia, Grey Market of São Paulo

    Fatal1ty AA8XE celebrity gamer motherboard design

  • Via [H]OCP

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