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Hot rod culture videos gone wild

  • Via Jalopnik


    How-to hardware hacking videos

  • See also: TheBroken

  • Stop Me

    Life is tough when you're a dirt poor Chinese family recycling PC parts with a lonely recycling robot

  • Via Screenhead

  • The terabyte lifestyle

  • Via Agenda

  • There is no housing bubble

  • See also: NEVER invest in actively managed funds

  • Via Metafilter

  • Stealing from credit card companies is old and busted, filing false unemployment claims is the new hotness

    "The most underpublicized identity theft crime is one in which thieves defraud state governments of payroll taxes by filing fraudulent unemployment claims"

  • Via Slashdot

  • Guns, Germs and Steel

    A short history of everyone for the last 13,000 years

  • Via Metafilter

  • MedGadget

    All about medical technology

  • Via Gizmodo

  • Johnston MarkLee

    Modern architecture rules

  • Via Metafilter

  • IP Mall at Franklin Pierce

    Open source intellectual property reports

  • Via Boing Boing

  • New Swiftech Storm

    The Storm is dead, long live the Storm

    Swiftech licenses the obscure hard to get Little River Storm, best pure jet impingment cpu water block avaiable

  • Via [H]OCP

  • Despite reports, Grokster decision is a win for file sharing

  • Via I4U

  • Goo Systems

    Paint your wall to look like a movie screen

  • Via I4U

  • Everything you know about the fine-structure constant is wrong, but impossible to measure

  • Via Arts & Letters Daily

  • Being Batman

    Forbes breaks down the cost of becoming a real life Batman

  • Via Monkeyfilter

  • How Class Works

    Infoporn class-o-meter uses a combo of occupation, education, income and wealth to determine your class

  • Via Monkeyfilter

  • Sony MDR-SA5000 Headphones

    Your new new high-end audiophile groove tool

  • Via TransPhat

  • Tsaya

    Cell phone thigh holster

  • Via Boing Boing

  • [H]OCP $1000 upgrade guide

    Nokia 770 internet tablet

    For only $300 dollars your internet life will be complete

  • Via Engadget

  • Wario Puts a new spin on Game Boy

    Wario Ware Twisted kicks Game Boy ass

    Turn your hamster into a fighting machine

    It's not too late to get a pet hamster

  • Via Screenhead

  • Design for Dreaming 1956

    In the future you are all a bunch of idiots who sing and dance and hallucinate about shiny cars and kitchen appliances

  • Via Boing Boing

  • I.M.P.S. The Relentless

    Imperial Military Personnel Stories
    Chapter 1: A day in the life of a Storm Trooper on some back water shithole

    Revenge of the Sith kind of sucked, watch I.M.P.S. instead

    Sumajin Smartwrap

    Cheap, simple answer to your headphone tangle problem
    (ignore the iPod accessories)

    Das Keyboard

    Leet hacker keyboard
    noobs need not apply

  • Via Gizmodo

  • AKG K1000 Headphones

    Do you have what it takes to rock the AKG K1000?

  • Order the AKG K1000

  • Ken Ishi - “Extra”

    Anime music videos rule

    (Choose to use Real Player)

  • Via Octopus Dropkick

  • Distracting visuals clutter TV screen; viewers less likely to retain content

    "The human brain is today as it was in the 1880s, the 1580s and in the time of the Greeks and Romans. It has not changed, we are no better able to parallel process conflicting information now than we were 300 years ago."

  • Via Boing Boing

  • How to beat a speeding ticket

  • Via Metafilter

  • "3 Feet Deep"

    MC Abdominal, D-Sisive, and DJ Format kick karaoke video game ass

  • Via Kotaku

  • See also: We Know Something...
  • See also: Vicious Battle Raps

  • Bow Nigger

    The New Games Journalism

    "If you're telling your friends about getting blown away in a game, you don't say, 'My character died.' You say, 'I died,' " he said. "That's the weird magic of games. You do feel involved in something that's actually happening to you."

  • Via NY Times Notes on Halo
  • Via Kotaku

  • Kitchen tattoos

  • Via Cool Hunting

  • How to: make a swank-looking DVD menu

  • Via MaximumPC

  • OK GO

    "A Million Ways" home made music video

  • Via Coolhunting

  • The End of Suburbia

  • Via Octopus Dropkick

  • Beware danger at work
    Psycopathic corporate psychos

    "Corporate psychopaths" tend to be manipulative, arrogant, callous, impatient, impulsive, unreliable and prone to fly into rages


    Ridiculous overpowered light weight RC boat that flys, does barrel rolls, goes vertical and and drives across land all in one go

  • Via Gizmodo

  • Electrolux Ergorapido vaccum

    Satisfy your urge to vaccum cordless and in style

  • Via Mocoloco

  • Cableyoyo

    You hate having your cables all tangled up
    (ignore the pictures with iPods because iPods make you sick)

  • Via Gadget Madness

  • BenQ LCD Monitor Crazy Arm

    What Really Happened?

    A collection of conspiracy theories

  • Via Metafilter

  • Gangsta Gadgets

  • Via Boing Boing

  • EBay sellers fell into careers that fill their lives

    Your house will be cluttered with crap but you won't have to put up with any office politics

  • Via Wired

  • Understanding video codecs

  • Via [H]OCP

  • $98 Seagate Barracuda 250 GB 7200 RPM IDE

    Best hard drive deal, free shipping, no rebates to fool around with

  • Via [H]OCP

  • Suzuki GSX-R/4

    The concept car you most want to own is heading for production

  • Via Jalopnik

  • The Xbox 360 and the PS3: late bloomers or complete failures?

  • Via [H]OCP

  • Cats are infectious

    "Infected men, suggests one new study, tend to become more aggressive, scruffy, antisocial and are less attractive. Women, on the other hand, appear to exhibit the “sex kitten” effect, becoming less trustworthy, more desirable, fun- loving and possibly more promiscuous."

  • Via Metafilter

  • USAToday confirms that media ignores minorities who go missing, then resume coverage of missing white girl

  • Via Fark

  • Friends, not family, make you live longer.

    Kill your family and head to the nearest pub

  • Via Fark

  • New roll out of DivX 6

    The format of choice for copying DVDs and file sharing movies

    Quicktime and Realplayer have long since surrendered

  • Via [H]OCP

  • Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka

    Porn Music For The Masses Volume 1

  • Via Ashley B
  • Download entire CD and cover art here

  • Fanimation ceiling fans

    These fans look so much better than the Archie Bunker shit that most people get

    If you've never had a ceiling fan you should know that they are the best thing ever

  • Via Gizmodo

  • The Fountain

    A reincarnation movie that won't stay dead

    Crazy new sci-fi movie directed by Darren Aronofsky

    The LiveCD list

    A list of all available LiveCDs

    Much downloading and havoc will ensue

  • Via [H]OCP
  • Wikipedia definition of a LiveCD

  • It's just a game, right? Top mythconceptions on patent protection of video games

    How to patent the shit out of video games

  • Via /.
  • Cock Rock Disco: more Japanese pop culture and Sushi video game pictures

  • The Island

    Well-disguised Logan's Run meets poorly-disguised The Matrix, public opinion of biotech surrenders

  • Via Fark

  • New drugs to watch

    Preview of upcoming pharmaceutical events

    Task Switch

    For Win XP, multi-tasking toy

    Quick cool improvement for switching from one program to another

    For sale: the Sony Vaio U101!

    Buy this crazy cool mini-laptop and you are guaranteed to get laid

    See Also:
  • All about the Vaio U101 at iCubes
  • The Vaio U101 at Dynamism
  • Official site for the Sony Vaio U101
  • Running Linux on the Vaio U101

  • Blogorreah

    You are so tired of surfing the same old web sites, find something new at Blogorreah

    2004Mbit Game Boy Development Competition

    Buy a custom made Game Boy cartridge with the top 10 winners of the 2004Mbit Compo

  • Via Boing Boing

  • Bootleg Batman

  • Via Memepool

  • Custom built PC test rig

    Your PC cooling problem has been solved

  • Via [H]OCP

  • Pablo Castillo

    Crazy scary cyber insect artist should be hired by the military to develop the next generation of crazy scary cyber insect robots

  • Via Ashley B

  • GM Must Die

    Critical automotive analysis with attitude

  • Via The Truth About Cars
  • Via Jalopnik
  • Via Black Table

  • Freakonomics

    Even economists get freaky

    [H]OCP $500 upgrade guide

  • Via [H]OCP

  • World Boxing Video Archive

    Download all the best boxing matches

    Boxing fans run their own tight file sharing community

    Broken Flowers

    Bill Murray's new film

  • Via Screenhead

  • Motion+61 DVD

    Collection of experimental short films

  • Via Db-Db

  • Private Warriors

    Your mercenary wants to be a private contractor

    Frontline documentary on private contractors from Haliburton and Kellogg, Brown & Root in Iraq and Kuwait

  • Via Metafilter

  • Medieval Boston

    How Urban Renewal screwed up Boston's Government Center

  • Via Metafilter

  • Knoppix 4.0 DVD

    Like kids in a candy store
    Most impressive version of Linux ever

    Which file swappers are vulnerable?

    How ice melts: long standing mystery solved

    The best chemists are the ones who can tell you the most about water, it's all about first principles, and water is involved in almost every chemical reaction

  • Via Slashdot

  • Passwordmaker

    One password to rule them all

  • Via Monkeyfilter

  • The rise of prepaid cell phones

    The Devil's Web Gallery

    Cool old sexploitation movie posters

  • Via Screenhead

  • Advance Tactical Center for Battlefield 2 released

    Plan your BF2 tactics

  • Via T-Break

  • Top 100 Forgotten Gadgets

  • Via Wired

  • Wal-Mart Nation

    "Chiqui Cui, one of the most powerful men in the global economy... for factory owners across China, he is, simply put, the man to see."

  • Via Agenda

  • Vaccines are fucked with mercury

    The other side of Bit Torrent

    "Controlling the means of mass distribution, it seems, isn't as important as controlling the means of mass marketing. "

    School has 44 valedictorians, 10% of the graduating class

    Grades are now officially meaningless

  • Via Fark

  • Underwear only video game tournament

  • Via Boing Boing
  • See also: Flickr photoset

  • VI reference coffee mug

    If you are a Linux geek or just look like one, you must have this

  • Via Boing Boing

  • An American Barbecue Pilgrimage

    "I am obsessed with barbecue, America's greatest contribution to global cuisine."

    Everything you need to know about how to use the video files you ripped from a DVD or downloaded with Bit Torrent

  • Via AOTS

  • VCD Gear

    Best software for extracting cue/bin files to get them to play on your computer

  • Via Elite Torrents forum (busted)

  • The truth about turbochargers

  • Via Jalopnik
  • Large image of the CRX of Death

  • When is a smart drug not a smart drug?
    When it's a smart dietary supplement

    The fun and excitement of exploiting pharmaceutical loopholes

  • Wikipedia defection of a dietary supplement

  • How to: the art of circuit bending audio toys

  • Via Hack-A-Day
  • See also: gallery of circuit bending

  • Splice it yourself:
    Build your own DNA lab

    Pirated music is not the end of the world

    CDs are essentially promotional tools for live concerts, which is fine since most musicians are getting screwed by unfair recording contracts anyway

  • Via Wired

  • Crippled by their culture

    Racism is old and busted, Redneck culture is the new hotness

  • Via Arts & Letters Daily

  • Legal abortion helps fight crime

  • Via Arts & Letters Daily

  • Location, Location — Deduction

    Tax deductions for home loans are really a rent subsidy for the rich and sleazebag landlords

    Meanwhile everyone else pays too much rent for a shithole apartment


    Testing the limits of copyright

    Start your own private file sharing network

  • Download Grouper here
  • Via Boing Boing

  • Get a copy of the United States frequency allocation chart

  • See also: Citizen's guide to the airwaves

  • Samsung DVD±R/RW–TS-H552U
    Fast, quiet DVD burner for cheap

    You have a new found love for all things SAMSUNG

  • Via [H]OCP

  • See also: Samsung Means To Come

  • The ultimate apartment hunting solution: a combination of Craigslist and Google Maps

  • Via Cool Hunting

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