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Jordi Labanda


Monsieur Z

Illustrators for Wallpaper Magazine

Pieces of April

April and her thoroughly screwed up family

  • official movie site

  • Bootleg Objects

    Retro modern stereos updated with PC hardware

  • via Things

  • Game theory: Scaring People Out of Their Wits, and Their Houses

    Pimp Japanese LED watch

  • via Boing Boing

  • Optimize Windows XP with a tweak utility

    Buying sofas, stealing beauty... fashion has meaning

    We live in a time when the aesthetic imperative pervades all aspects of our lives.

  • "The Substance of Style: How the Rise of Aesthetic Value Is Remaking Commerce, Culture, and Consciousness"

  • via Things


    French web design portal

  • via Things

  • Tokidoki

    Tokyo inspired Italian design

  • via AshleyB

  • What's missing from your life?--A fashion phone

    The Winter collection of designer cell phones from Xelibri

  • via Gizmodo

  • DJ Format featuring Abdominal

    Vicious Battle Raps

    Teenage Japanese girls are the alpha consumers deciding what is cool

  • With its in-your-face style and endless thirst for thrills, Japan's new generation wants to transform the nation

  • and...

    Juicy "Fruits" is sexy, tasty and good for you

    A new portfolio of Japanese street chic puts our bland fashion to shame.


  • Hello Kitty - The Remarkable Story

  • Black like I thought I was

    What if a black activist takes a DNA test and finds out he isn't really black?

    What is the definition of black?

    Nuke Pop

    Atomic age popular culture

  • via Things

  • Just in time for Halloween: be the guy from Memento

    Tokyo on one cliché a day

    And what the hell is up with Japanese porn?
    (half way down the article)

    Americans are not going broke over lattes

    A different sort of spam

    Robert Todino, 22, of Woburn, Mass., uses spam to locate time-travel hardware to buy because of his need to revisit his childhood, during which he believes a woman drugged him and implanted a device to give her followers the ability to monitor his every move. Todino has earnestly been seeking an "Acme 5X24 series time transducing capacitor with built-in temporal displacement" and an "AMD Dimensional Warp Generator module containing the GRC79 induction motor," among other gadgets, but that "the conspiracy" has subverted his attempts to acquire them

  • via Titus

  • You're not rich, but now you can fake it

    How Starbucks coffee, BMW cars, and Godiva chocolates have become luxuries for the masses

    Grim Fandango

    One of the most underrated games,
    Grim Fandango was dripping with originality

  • via Things

  • The vast electricity grid that covers the United States and Canada is essentially one giant machine

    Face it, you will never be rich

    Americans are the world's best doctors, physicists, economists and chemists


    Anti-scarring drug also promotes faster healing

    10 cars you can't have

    (and probably don't want)

    Male contraceptive successfully tested in Australia


    External device for computers leaves no trace of browsing the web all day at work

    Yours for only 60 easy payments of $9,703.65!

    Russian prison tattoos

  • via Metafilter

  • The Honeywell kitchen computer

  • via J-walk

  • The immune system is the last frontier of biology

    Vaccine for skin cancer developed

    The link between crazy and creative people

    Economy of Ideas

    A framework for patents and copyrights in the Digital Age.

    Everything you know about intellectual property is wrong

    Texas prison tattoos

    Nikon's 2004 small world calendar

  • via J-Walk

  • The elegant universe

    Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made of strings. It's not science fiction. It's string theory

  • via Metafilter

  • A shutterbug's guide to meting out the megapixels

    Buy something cute for your girlfriend at the Japan Hysteric Trendy Boutique

  • More like this at Tokyo Gems

  • You are a bad man, aren't you?

    Susannah Breslin, AKA the Reverse Cowgirl, has a new book

    New vaccines go forward in reverse

    Using a new approach called “reverse vaccinology,” researchers are mining the genome sequences of microbes to develop potential vaccines for a variety of treacherous diseases including hepatitis C, meningitis, chlamydia and the plague

    News Flash!

    Research scientist has begun development of orgasm pill

    An analog of heroin that triggers orgasms... addictive? Oh yeah!

    Stealth Computer

    The little computer is the next big thing

    Building the ultimate high-end gaming workstation: stage 1

  • via [H]OCP

  • Porno Mixer

    Sassy French flash lets you mix your own porno soundtrack and video

    brought to you by...


    not safe for work

    Created by Uzik

  • via Metafilter

  • A short history of the phrase "bling-bling"

    Technology to make you go 'wow'

  • via Things

  • Average price of a New York City apartment hits nearly $1M

    What are your interests? baseball? snowboarding?

    How about creating a Schrodinger cat animated on a quantum computer

  • via Eniac @

  • Build your own big screen projector

    The first issue of the Public Library of Science is online, for free

    You don't have to pay to read about research that was already paid for by your taxes

    Faster, Pussy Wagon! Kill! Kill!

    Quentin Tarantino holds the keys to the Pussy Wagon

  • Bonus link: cool Japanese version of the Kill Bill web site

  • How to tell when a relationship is over

  • via Metafilter

  • Sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs

    A low culture manifesto

    Ninki AV Joyu ga Kimi no Dotei wo Ubaimasu (Popular Porn Starlet Steals Your Virginity)

    The Japanese prove that they are totally helplessly weird

    Deceit and Lies

    Letters from hometown soldiers describing their successes rebuilding Iraq have been appearing in newspapers across the country as U.S. public opinion on the mission sours.

    And all the letters are the same.

  • Try this Google search and it will be painfully clear

  • Le Cobusier--Villa Savoye

  • via Things

  • Venue shopping jackpot

    1. Find a backwards shit hole part of Mississippi 2. Sue 3. Profits!!!

    The jurors of Jefferson County are famous for awarding $100 million dollar settlements against pharmaceutical companies whose only connection with the county is a small pharmacy. It is the only pharmacy in the whole county, and is the subject of hundreds of class action lawsuits.

    Depth of field

    For most photographers the vastly increased depth of field in digital cameras is good news. Too many pictures taken with our 35 mm cameras were not quite good, running out of the depth of field. Especially in landscape photography it is nice to have a sharp foreground. The bad news is that it is much more difficult, using a digital camera, to blow the background out of focus, a pleasing effect in photography

  • via J-walk

  • The group most assume are behind the Half-Life 2 hacking

    Web Zen

  • via Boing Boing


    How to beatbox

    Lindows to Microsoft: Buzz Off

    Get a free computer and up to $100 from Microsoft

    2003 Tokyo Motor Show

    The two faces of Takashi Murakami

    He's high art. He's low culture. He's a one-man mass-market machine

    Involving Systems

    Cool experimental electronic music/art


    The group behind Involving Systems

    We're not losing the culture war anymore

    The politically correct news media is tired and busted. Fox News, South Park, Colin Quinn and Vice Magazine are the new hotness

    Car sticker prices mask some big bargains

    Many new cars sell for thousands of dollars less than the sticker price

    Computer makers start zeroing in on the expensive tastes of serious gamers


    Cyborg performance art

  • via Boing Boing

  • Punk-ass whack Judgez

    Full text of judge's rap-style verdict in Eminem case (footnote on pp.13-14)

    Vulcan Mini-PC

    Romania emerges as new world nexus of cyber crime

    Kitty bringing mice inside?

    Install a kitty door with 'cat recognition' software on board

    2advanced Studios

    The future is now

    Funniest. interviews. ever.

    A lot of people are giving Americans a bum rap for being stupid and knowing nothing about the world, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth...

    Mac G5 blown away by AMD 64 bit processors.

    House Industries

    Featuring the Shag collection of fonts, as well as cool T-shirts, posters, and a boomerang chair

    Ford and General Motors aren't automakers, they're banks who dabble in car making

    When modern kids play classic video games... confusion and hilarity ensue

    Thrift Deluxe

    DIY design with a punk rock flavor

  • via Things

  • Infobar

    Cool new Japanese designer cell phone

    The consumer debt bubble in the United States could dwarf the stock market bubble of 2000

    Mystic River

    Clint Eastwood's new movie has a certain tragic inevitability that flows grimly, relentlessly, towards us

    Finding a cure for the common needle

    Inhaled vaccines are slowly turning syringes into antiques


    The gadgets weblog

    Free web hosting for life if you get a tattoo of the Mindfield logo

  • via Boing Boing

  • Software offers TiVo-like recording at lower price

    Preview of upcoming events

    Pioneer's computer jacket

    The King of B-Kings

    B-movies are Bruce Campbell’s blood and butter. And he knows it.

    Ten technologies that deserve to die

    When graduate students name obscure genes with funny names...

    Lack of "Sonic Hedgehog" protein linked to the development of Parkinson's disease

  • via Collision Detection

  • Apple users are so irrationally obsessed with Apple products that they even rave about the styrofoam the computer comes packed in

    How to use a microwave and some chocolate to measure the speed of light

    Proof again that Japanese TV is worse than Fox

  • The rise of peepshow TV

  • The 5 biggest con artists and what they taught us

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